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Computer and communication technologies continue to make an impact that continues to increase at all levels, education and training from primary to secondary and for distance learning. Computers in education designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process. 

The advantage of computers in education include efficient storage and rendition information, faster information processing and very importantly save paper! Home work and assignments submitted as a soft copy to save paper. You can also look at this website to know more about 3d education via online sources.

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In the modern era, the students find it easier to refer to the Internet rather than search for information in reference books. Currently, the educational process has exceeded learned from cookbook.

Computer technology has made distance learning dream come true! Education is no more limited to the classroom but has reached far and wide. The Internet plays an important role in education.

Audio-Visual representation of information makes learning interesting and interactive. Electronically memory device can be used repeatedly. Thereby facilitating the learning process.

Today, computers are an essential part in every industry. Life without a computer would be inconceivable. It is clear that they are no more limited to the software industry, but computers are widely used in networking, information access, storage and processing of information. 

Therefore, IT experts recommend early introduction of computers in education for early childhood development phase for laying a strong foundation of most of the major competitive career.

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