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Organic chemistry is called a curse for many students because they have to remember a bunch of chemical reactions that can occur in most practical tests. You can discover more information abouto level chemistry guide book via various online results.

 Major Types of Organic Reactions in Organic Chemistry

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Since it relies on memoir rather than understanding the nature of carbon bonding that contains pure organic compounds, most students dislike this approach.

Major Organic Chemical Reactions

Synthesizing Alkenes

Many chemical tests show how alkenes can be synthesized. Alkanes are considered to be a series of compounds that have 1 double bonding between carbon atoms. A simple way to synthesize alkenes is alkyl halide dehydroglogen.

Alkyl halide synthesized

Alkyl halides are formed in the same way as alkanes with alkanes, which are formed with alkyl halides. You can depict a hydrogen halide in gaseous form like HBr, HCI, HI, etc. to direct this reaction. In place of the solution, the gases are used to avoid adding water to the alkanes.

Alkali of fridal craft

Every chemistry student should know how to embellish the Friedl craft because it is the single and one basic method for linking the alkyl side chains to benzene and other aromatic ring compounds.

Importance of Chemistry in Physiology and Anatomy Studies

You should learn general chemistry by incorporating both physiology and anatomy. Both of these are strong backgrounds in chemistry to fully understand how we work efficiently in our lives.


In this aspect, chemistry defines how food is taken and breaks down into dissipation and energy in the body. Students are required to understand the chemical equations of how molecules are completely held together by bonds.


Both athletes and healthcare professionals must explain how lactic acid is formed in the body, where energy is drawn by muscles clotted with lactic acid. It is the element of a complex chemical process – anaerobic respiration – that requires proper knowledge of chemistry.

Major Types of Organic Reactions in Organic Chemistry