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A bunion or hallux valgus forms when the joint of your big toe becomes swollen and enlarged. This forms a crack at the base or side of your toe that eventually forces your toe joint out of alignment. When your toe is frequently out of alignment, it messes up the whole working of your foot.

To some degree bunion or hallux valgus in Reisterstown are hereditary. That means if one of your parents had or hallux valgus, you're more likely to get them. Bunions or hallux valgus happen because the structure of your foot is slightly off. They can be made worse by wearing shoes that fit right in the toes.

For hallux valgus in an advanced stage, the pain can be nearly constant. The solution in these situations is usually surgery in Reisterstown.

Hallux valgus or bunion surgery has a high success rate, but if you make smart choices before bunion forms or when you notice the first signs of a bunion, you can hopefully avoid the surgical procedure.

Natural Relief for Bunion Pain

The early warning signs of bunions include a slight "leaning in" of your big toe that causes a protrusion to begin to form. You might experience pain, soreness, redness, or even numbness along the protrusion.

Once a bunion starts to form, you can use hallux valgus pads to cushion the protrusion and ease any pain that you're experiencing.

By taking good care of your feet, you can slow down the progression of your bunions, which might make surgery in Reisterstown unnecessary.

Treat Bunions Early To Avoid Surgery In Reisterstown