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NAO Robot For Education

The innovative NAO robot is utilized for robot-assistive learning, acting as a playful educational assistant and companion. It is ideal for both regular and special education programs for children. 

Children of all ages and abilities are known to prefer interacting with robots and can even view NAO as a social being. The robot from assists in teaching learners to meet lesson objectives. 

It facilitates the content delivery process through its visual, audial, and movement capabilities. Students can learn lessons, participate in role-playing, and play educational games. Teacher facilitators can tailor instruction to individual student needs and track their progress.

Functions and technical characteristics of NAO:

• 25 degrees of freedom to move and adapt to the environment

• 7 touch sensors located in the head, hands, and feet

• 4 directional microphones and speakers

• Speech recognition and dialogue available in 20 languages

• 2 2D cameras to recognize shapes, objects, and people

• Open and fully programmable platform

For Regular Education

Students discover the magic of learning with humanoid robotic-assisted instruction when they engage with the NAO. They develop skills while having fun. Programming the NAO robot is simple. All you need to do is use the appropriate software and select lessons based on student needs.

For Special Education

The NAO robot helps children with learning differences, such as those with autism. NAO allows children with special needs to participate in robot-assisted instruction individually or with a group. 

The robot can repeat the exercises or games as often as necessary. This robot has a non-judgmental personality that helps students reduce their shyness, reluctance, and frustration and boost their self-confidence, social skills, and self-esteem.

Uses Of NAO Robot