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A sewer inspection camera is a camera system used by engineers and inspectors to view sewers and other drainage systems. They are often used during construction or emergency repairs, to identify issues with the drainage system before they become major problems. A sewer inspection camera is typically mounted on a pole or scaffold and can be remotely operated. 

Camera inspections can be a great way to make sure your sewer system is running smoothly. With a camera, you can see down into the pipes and identify possible problems.  If you are looking for sewer line replacement services, visit

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Cameras are also useful for checking for leaks and other issues that may not be easy to see with the naked eye. Camera inspections can be a cost-effective way to keep your sewer system in good condition. The information you get from a sewer inspection camera can be invaluable when it comes to making repairs or upgrades.

Camera inspections do have limitations, but they can still provide value and benefit most homeowners. Your drainage system is going to look different than it did when your original lines were installed, so there’s no guarantee that everything looked the same way in the past. 

Also, some cameras don’t adapt well to pipe bends, which could make them difficult to use for job sites with several pipes at once. Finally, a small portion of plumbing inspections are done by hand, so for everyone done by the camera, there’s one done manually. There will usually be a minimum number of inspections required.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Sewer Inspection camera?

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