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In Order for your home phone number port, we will work with our provision partners to ensure that your number complements the three phases described below. If you are ported the cellphone number, the phase will be the same, but you will be asked to provide an account number and account PIN.You can transfer home phone to cell phone via

Porting phase:

CSR Phase (Customer Service Record): Twilio will work with our provision partners to request 'Service Citra' (account notes) from your current operator. PORT requests and your service information will then be filtered against the records provided by the current operator. If information is suitable, request then move to the next phase. In the case where the account note is not provided by the current operator, Twilio can require the final client to get this document so that the order can be moved to the next phase.

LSR Phase (Label Switch Router): Your port order is sent to your current operator. At this stage, your current operator will receive a request and it will move to the next phase (or) reject the request for one of the following reasons described in this FAQ:

Please note that requests can pass the CSR phase but rejected by the current provider in the LSR phase if inaccurate service information is provided by the current operator, if the account information changes, or if there is a billing problem / account between the end of the client and their current operator.

What are the phases of porting a landline number?