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Given that all businesses need a way to archive corporate email, the challenge for IT is to find an email archiving solution that works for them.

A few things to think about:

Cloud Archiving Considerations:

Data security is a top priority for IT decision-makers, especially as the cloud comes into play. In fact, 49% of businesses and 51% of SMEs have raised security and privacy concerns in the cloud. However, the idea that data stored in cloud email archiving at is randomly distributed in insecure ways has found its place in this debate.

10 Tips for Successful Email Archiving

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Above all, however, the concern could not be more unfounded. Therefore:

Physical Access:

When you back up your email in the cloud, it doesn't get into the hands of unwanted employees who want to move data across hard drives or backups. The cloud reduces physical access to data by restricting access to certain people.


Every reputable backup provider will replicate the encrypted archive data multiple times. If someone somehow manages to gain unauthorized access to encrypted data, they still don't have the other half of the puzzle – the ability to decrypt it. This ensures that only the right people see the data.

Consideration For On-Site Filing:

This allows information to be stored in your company's data center. As a result, your company is responsible for installing, configuring, and operating the backup system and its core infrastructure. So, what should you pay attention to?


Local archiving requires significant capital for hardware, software, ongoing operation, and maintenance.

Availability and Reliability:

There is a distraction. How do you ensure optimal data center performance and network connectivity for smooth business transactions?

Compliance With Legal And Regulatory Requirements:

Consider whether you have the infrastructure, processes, procedures, and personnel to meet legal requirements. In Australia, directors are personally responsible for violations.

What’s Better – On Premises Or Cloud Based Email Archiving?