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Few women feel absolutely stressed out when they see their healthy long hair falling. Men too face this issue. However, the consequences are far more severe seen in women. No doubt, hair loss is considered to be natural however, no woman should take it lightly when it comes to additional hair loss. Let’s see some of the reasons behind hair loss seen in women.

  1. Genes – Genetics is something nobody can play with. Genes are known to cause hormonal imbalance, transform testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) leading to hair loss. And moreover, there’s isn’t many options when it comes to genetics.
  2. Too much Stress –Similar to genetics, stress also causes change in the levels of testosterone which in turn leads to transforming into DHT. This change causes the hair to become weak leading to breakage and fall.
  3. Bad Eating Habits – Another reason that leads to hair fall in women is due to bad eating habits. Moreover, eating high content of fat is another source to hair loss.
  4. Medicines – Women who are under the medication related to birth control, steroids, heart disease, blood pressure are also prone to hair loss.
  5. Growing Older – Growing old is natural where our bones become weaker, tend to get tires quicker, easily getting infected with diseases etc. Similarly, growing old leads to deterioration of hair follicles that cause hair falls and loss.

These are some of the causes of hair loss seen in women. One of the best ways to get treatment is to get the best keratin treatment at home to avoid hair loss and also offer nourishment.

Why Women Face Hair Loss Issue?