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3D printing has the power to really do some powerful changes to the manufacturing industry. 3D printing has the ability to create virtually any design of a variety of materials. 

There are a variety of printers to choose form when it comes down to actually producing parts, there are tons of material to choose from, and there are several common methods of 3d printing in hong kong that you might be interested. 

Let us first discuss the choice of material. Ingredients finally decided the printer must be used, which then decides printer (s) can be used. Some of the ingredients in the metal category. These metals are offered through 3D printing, including aluminum, titanium, bronze, Inconel, stainless steel and others.

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Some of these materials include gold, silver, fine silver, platinum, and others. Besides metals, there are odd materials such as ceramics. Plastic is quite popular in 3D printing.

Based on the material, there are several options of 3D printing methods to choose from. 3D printing SLA method involves ultraviolet “cure” certain liquid resin to strengthen them. Others involve laser material melts together. Some methods involve the FDM process that involves nozzle melted down material in layers to stack on top of other layers. 

In addition, there is a method of MJM, which involves using multiple nozzles for putting some of the ingredients in one print. Another interesting shape of this technology involves printing based on power, which involves gluing material powder material bind together to be infiltrated.

The options are pretty wide open. When specifying the material, whether it is to find one that utilizes the manufacturing process that will work for your purposes.

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