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In most states, people convicted of sexual assault are required to register under Megan’s Act. This means that if you move to another place of residence, you must notify local law enforcement and regularly verify your address with the authorities. 

Megan’s registration informs the public of your sex offender label and can severely limit your quality of life. If you don’t comply, you can be taken back to court and face further charges.

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Conditional release for life

Many perpetrators of sexual violence were also sentenced to “life in prison”. That means close monitoring by the parole department for at least 15 years – during which time you can contact the parole board. Life’s probationary period can affect every aspect of your world, including access to the internet and social media.

Build your protection

As you can see, sexual assault allegations are serious and you need a qualified attorney to start working on your defense immediately. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty, and aggressive and experienced lawyers understand this and work within the system to protect your rights and freedoms. 

Unfortunately, every day innocent people are wrongly accused – whether it’s a vengeful spouse or someone looking to damage your reputation. But remember, the prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond any doubt. This is where your attorney comes in.

Your defense attorney is an expert in:

  • Let the prosecution prove that the testimony is credible
  • Did the claimant prove that their thesis is valid and that all evidence has been properly collected
  • Reduce charges against you
  • Examine your case with a fine-tooth comb to determine the best defense strategy for your unique situation
  • Prove your innocence
  • Find out if a crime was really committed or if you were wrongly accused.
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