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Since they appeared on the scene about fifteen years ago, call centers have become a staple in the business world. The advances in technology and information technology, in particular, have enabled the call center business to expand and succeed.

Call centers are offices that receive large volumes of telephone calls from customers of the companies they represent. Call centers are manned by call center agents. You can also visit Call Center QA for Quality Assurance for Call Centers at Callcriteria.

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The interesting thing about call centers is that they do not need to be in the country of the companies they provide the service too. In some cases, it is generally more cost-effective to establish call centers in other countries.

This is one reason why offshore call center services are in such demand. There are in fact different types of contact centers, namely:

Inbound call centers: These types only take calls from customers, hence the name. They were once the most common type of contact center.

Outbound call centers: These are generally the opposite of inbound call centers in that call center agents make calls to customers and prospective clients seeking sales or lead generation.

Contact centers: With this type contact with clients is not just via telephone, but also by live chat and email. Contact centers may also be responsible for handling all written correspondences for a company that is, letters and faxes.

Blended call centers: These types have features of all the others. Blended contact centers may well be the future of call centers as many begin to offer all the services being demanded by customers.

Know About the Basics of Call Center Services