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With the universal aim of reducing suffering and prolonging life, the practice of first aid is taught not only to medical professionals but also to ordinary people around the world. When an emergency arises, it's good to know that you are equipped with the basics to help you through life-threatening adversity.

Although discussed openly, knowledge of the nature of the emergency response is not sufficient for the average person to respond to urgent medical needs during disasters. 

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For this reason, the basic first aid courses available are open to the public so that the average person can be educated on the important concepts of immediate medical care. More advanced first aid courses are offered by organizations such as the American Red Cross for proper first responder training and certification such as CPR.

CPR can make a significant difference between survival and death. In just six minutes, a person suffering from a heart attack can experience brain death or permanent damage. 

Such life-threatening conditions can be immediately investigated by trained observers pending the arrival of rescue workers and trained paramedics. Rescue breathing combined with chest compressions is given to provide additional oxygen and create blood flow to the system. 

Although bystanders may ask about the wrong technique in their attempt to resuscitate the patient, it is less likely to result in further injury. Because we are concerned with the possibility of survival, despite the previous premise of the idea, we still want to uphold the standards of emergency rescue, hence the need for first aid and CPR courses.

Save A Life With CPR and First Aid Training