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The tamper-proof envelope is one of the courier bags and most of the courier company used this container to send the documents, products, liquids, and others. The manufacturer used the customized co-extruded polyethylene film to make the product or letter carrier and it is available in different sizes and colors.  

The tamper-proof carrier is used for keeping examination papers, evidence, diamonds, foreign exchange, precious metals, cash, election papers, and others. Superior quality clear evidence bags come with the flap that has the permanent closure. The tamper-proof container can be personalized to client specifications.


The Tamper Proof Bags With Pod Jacket is available in different types such as Tamper Evident Security envelope, POD Courier envelope, Security Envelopes, and much more.

This type of container is designed to protect your business documents or products from another person and also deliver at the desired destination. The clear overlapping of the POD jacket helps the user to protect the document from the liquid damage and others in the transit.     

Tamper Proof Bags Without Pod Jacket is lightweight, waterproof and also save your money on the postage. Most of the suppliers provide the variety of tamper-proof product at a reasonable price.

The features of the Tamper Proof envelope are looking professional, protect your product or documents, reusable, printed, available in a different size, colored, attractive, waterproof, user-friendly and others. We manufacture the tamper-proof product using modern technique and quality material.

Our Tamper Proof Courier is available in the different sizes and styles so you can purchase the Tamper Proof products as per your needs.

Tamper Proof Clear Evidence Bags