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Paracord made sparks today with outdoor fans and clothing designers. With interesting woven and braided designs that are very easy to very complicated made from this so-called "survival strap" all over the world. You can also buy different types of paracord colors via .

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The Paracord itself is a super strong, compact and lightweight cable. It arose from its use in WWII to support A.S. Umbrella leapt through the air, before, during and after the historic war and was still employed by the military today. At first, the main use was securely attached to the parachute and backpack of Padang Kakok-Tari's troops as he calmly and safely guided them back to the ground. You need a light, strong and easy to cut if necessary.

Commercial suppliers have joined these current and popular trends and produced them in various colors and color patterns. It is generally called Paracord 550 today, which refers to the 550 pound tensile strength. – Which means it won't break until the load is 550 pounds.

 The military man weaves his original version as the identifier of the yellow and black inner thread that indicates that you get the best, certified and manufactured in paracord type. The commercially produced version is very similar but not through the same military certification for strength and durability.

N.S.S.A has even used our atmosphere to enhance the magic of the Hubble space telescopes. Paracord gloves contain this unique and popular inner rope because it is cheap and once again light but very strong. 

Why Are All Paracord Colors So Popular ?
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