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If you're looking for tax help, an accounting firm is a good place to start. Accountants are trained and licensed in financial matters, and many specialize in tax issues.

A CPA will attack your tax problems by examining your records with a fine-toothed comb in search of any errors in calculation or improperly filed claims. CPAs are trained to be detail-oriented, thorough, and honest in their assessment of your situation.

They'll also possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of all of the federal and state tax codes that affect you. You can feel safe putting your financial future in their hands. You can also get the best tax resolution services via

Have you received notice of an impending IRS audit? Bring the notice and the requested financial documents to an accountant. He can help you gather any other paperwork you need, go through everything in search of the red flag that caught the IRS's attention, and prepare for the audit proceedings. On the big day, he can speak to the auditor on your behalf, helping everything move forward smoothly and efficiently and taking the burden off your shoulders.


Back Tax Filing

Did you fail to file or pay one or more tax returns by the deadline? You may be struggling with a growing back tax burden, and the first step in breaking free is to file those delinquent returns.

Just as they can help file current tax returns, accountants can help you file back tax returns. It's important to file all paperwork related to back taxes correctly to avoid further fees and penalties.

Tax Settlement Negotiation

If your back taxes are extremely delinquent, you might owe more than you can feasibly pay off in one lump sum. That's where a tax settlement comes in

CPAs can advise you on what tax settlement is best for your specific situation, file the claim, and plead your case with the IRS. Common tax settlements include offers in compromise, installment agreements, penalty abatement, and the lifting of tax liens and levies. In many cases, securing a tax settlement is a financial lifesaverand you'll have a hard time doing it without professional help.

What Tax Resolution Services Does an Accounting Firm Usually Provide?
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